Simplicity of design, purity of sound

At Ferndale, we create great value, genuine acoustic guitars.

We take our name and inspiration from the north California town of Ferndale. A place full of music, surrounded by the lost forests where the ‘tonewoods’ grow.

Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir and the legendary Giant Redwood.

We combine highly regarded ‘tonewoods’ like these, with an approach to guitar making that focusses obsessively on quality, rather than novelty.

The Ferndale design philosophy is ’keep it simple.’

Our approach to guitar making focusses obsessively on the things that make a great genuine acoustic guitar, rather than novelty.

Precision built, each guitar is hand finished, and tested by our UK based quality control team.

The result? Ferndales are unfussy, unpretentious genuine acoustic guitars. That deliver rich, resonant sound, and are effortless to play.